As you plan your course, think about what your learners need in order to learn successfully. Gagné’s Nine Events of Instruction provides a useful starting place for thinking about creating the conditions for successful learning in your course. Here’s how we’ve applied this framework so far in this course:

Module summary activity: Reflect and plan

Reflect on your learning

We’ve given you a lot to take in!

Take a moment to reflect: What are you already doing to incorporate Gagné’s Events  2 & 3 into your own teaching practice?

Think about:

Your learning outcomes

  • Are your learning outcomes clearly defined for your learners?
  • Do your assessments adequately measure your learners’ progress toward the achievement of the outcomes?
  • Do your content and learning activities support the achievement of the learning outcomes?

Your learners

  • How might their situational context and reasons for studying online impact the way they experience your course?
  • What prior learning are they bringing to your course? Are there gaps or misconceptions that you need to address?

Plan next steps

What steps do you need to take to ensure that you are setting your learners up for success in your course?

Congratulations on completing Module 1 of this course!

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